All about Sourdough

An illustrated recipe for two Sourdough Loaves from start(er) to finish. May this bring some visual clarity to your baking, geared towards those of you who need to see something in order to best understand it!

Click through the photos below to follow along my 8-page process.

As always,

Happy Baking.


Kombucha - Making your own fermented beverage

Of all the home ferments, Kombucha is definitely one of the easiest and most forgiving to make as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Follow along below with my illustrated roadmap and begin you probiotic journey to tasty beverages! A typed recipe is at the end of this post… Happy brewing :)

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Reviving a Sourdough Starter

Maintaining any relationship takes time, energy and flexibility, and a sourdough starter is no exception to that rule.  There are moments when the relationship seems fluid, natural and dependable – and then any number of factors can affect your starter’s performance and personality (like driving cross country from the frigid Northeast to the temperate Southwest, and neglecting a feeding for 10 days… Did I do that in December?).

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