Kathryn Phelan

Bread Baker. Fermentation Enthusiast. Pastry Chef. Charcuterie Creator. Wine and Spirits Professional. Botanical Aficionado.

…that’s me on the right with my Mom, Carolyn

Kathryn Phelan

I am a Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef, baker and butcher with experience in both the front and back of house at fine dining restaurants in New York City, NY; San Diego, CA, Paris, France and Popoyo, Nicaragua.  

My passion within the culinary industry is centered on exploring and celebrating the relationships forged between farming, agriculture, community, culture and cooking. 

Currently, I consult on pastry, baking, preservation, charcuterie and bar programs through the process of recipe development, training and kitchen management.   I also curate dinner salons, gathering together a small group of strangers from different industries to discuss and cross-pollinate ideas over a communal meal.

In my free time I create and learn - drawing, kintsugi, knitting, concocting foraged amari and baking bread, while studying Spanish, researching distilled spirits and hiking in the woods. I’ve just recently moved from the Catskill Mountains to the East Bay of San Fransisco, and am settling in through equal parts exploration and getting lost. Tacos help, so does the ocean with its salty air.

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